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Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles 2600 Wilshire Blvd LA, CA
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
2600 Wilshire Blvd


Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Originally Shared:
Friday March 18, 2016


To All it may Concern


I Am Billion GODSun
I Am Identified as William Campbell in your Case Load


I Initiated My Process for Section 8 in 1998 or 1999 at the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, located at 2600 Wilshire Blvd


In 2003 I received a Letter to come in & take the next Actions in the Process of obtaining Section 8
When I came into the Housing Authority Office in 2003 the Receptionist at the counter informed Me I had been “Bumped” from the List


The Receptionist who was also African/Black stated “Our” People tend to get “Bumped” off the List by people of different races in order for people of those races to get their “own” people housing


At that point I thought the Process of getting Section 8 was over & I moved forward


In June of 2015 I received another Notice informing Me to come in to the Office & once again take the next Actions towards receiving a Voucher


I came back to the Office & met w/ jenny wagensteen
jenny informed Me I was to obtain & submit to her certain Documents


After obtaining those Documents I returned them to jenny
At that point jenny told Me she would turn My Documents over to be reviewed & she would get in contact w/ Me


Not long after submitting those Documents I was contacted by jenny & told that I needed to once again submit the exact same information I had just turned in
jenny told Me I had a limited amount of time to do so


I informed jenny that financially I was not in a position to once again run around & collect the exact same information I had just submitted
jenny explained failure to do so would result in My Voucher bein Terminated


At that point I was suspicious as to whether or not these were Tactics to deny Me a Voucher


I went & obtained 2nd copies of those Documents & Submitted them a 2nd Time


Finally in September 2015 I was told I received a Voucher & to come in & Begin the Process of locating a place


I was given 3 Months + a 1 Month Extension on My Voucher to locate a potential place & Submit the Documents the Owner/Landlord was to fill out
My Voucher Expired on January 9, 2016


For 4 Months I contacted numerous leads which claimed to accept Section 8
Repeatedly I recognized a Pattern where as soon as I would Communicate w/ the renters on the phone they would then claim to have nothin available after they had just confirmed  through texts & emails they had Vacancies


Finally I found a Black Man Who had a Unit Available which He had just Vacated & was willing to rent when it was cleaned & repaired


In early January 2016 when I went to the Housing Authority office I explained to carina I found a potential unit but was in need of more time for the unit to be available
I was given an until February 8, 2016 to turn in the Documents the Landlord/Manager needed to fill out


On February 8, 2016 I turned in the Documents the Landlord had filled out
carina informed Me she would turn over those Documents & at some point an Inspector would contact the Landlord & Schedule an Inspection
At no point durin that meeting did carina inform Me I had 1 Day remainin on My Voucher to locate Housing


Approximately 2 Weeks after turnin those Documents in to carina I was contacted by the Manager of the unit I had located
The Manager informed Me Inspector elmore had come on February 17th & demanded the Owner to make 3-4 Thousand Dollars worth of repairs
The Manager informed Me the Owner wasn’t in a position to shell out that much money but He was lookin into ways of possibly gettin the work done


The Landlord was told to make repairs as frivolous as painting the insides of drawers in the kitchen, painting an entire bedroom over due to 1 minor crack in the paint, in addition to more costly repairs
NONE of which were significant enough to deny a Person Housing


I emailed jenny inquiring about the Status of the Decision concerning the unit


I also called & spoke w/ carina on February 24th
carina told Me I would be contacted by jenny wagensteen to inform Me of the “Contractor’s” Decision


On March 4, 2016 jenny contacted Me by phone & told Me the unit Failed the Inspection
At that point jenny informed Me there was 1 Day left on My Voucher & that I needed to come in to the Housing Authority Office that followin Monday March 7, 2016 (3 Days) to turn in another potential rental


I expressed to jenny My belief that not only was there Discrimination bein Practiced in her office but I Observed a similar Prejudice durin My 4 Month Search w/ most of the Property Managers


jenny told me she was goin to Discontinue the call because she did not appreciate what I was sayin & then she hung up


March 11, 2016 I received a call from carina
carina inquired whether or not I found another potential unit
She told me jenny had given me TWO WEEKS to locate another unit & that I needed to turn 1 in on that Friday (3-11-16)
[If jenny had given me TWO WEEKS from the time I spoke w/ her on March 4th, I should have had until March 18th]


I again expressed to carina My Belief that their Office was Not actin in My Best Interest & they appeared to be engaged in Discriminatory Practices


carina informed Me to come in the following Monday & Speak w/ Ms Willis
carina then explained she was goin to Discontinue the call because she did not appreciate what I was sayin & then she hung up


This is What I Am Sayin:


Housing is one of the Most Essential Necessities in Life


I have Found a Way Most of My Life & Will Continue to do so


What is more Disturbing are the Conversations I had in the Lobby w/ other People Who are in need of Housing & Who are goin thru similar Experiences w/ both the staff in your Office & Property Managers in general


There are Numerous Homeless People on Skid Row, People Livin in Encampments throughout the County & People Sleepin in Parks
Day In & Day Out People are Criminalized & Terrorized for Bein Homeless


But the Homeless are Not the Criminals in this Situation!


Its beyond obvious why the same Groups of People left at the Bottom of Society are the same Groups of People not bein Sufficiently Serviced thru your Office


As a State Chartered Public Agency your Office is to ASSIST those in Need of Housing, NOT Play Games & Find Ways to DENY those Services!


As a Housing Authority you Must Accurately Identify & Act in the Best Interests of the Entire Population you are suppose to be of Service to





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