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The Africa Town Coalition is a Union of Black Grassroots Organizations & other Black Individuals from South Los Angeles & the Surrounding Communities


Our Mission is to Establish & Develop an Africa Town in Los Angeles & other Cities which have a Significant Concentration of Black People


Africa Town is an Area of Refuge for Black People

An Area in which Black People Will Control the Security, Housing, Economics, Social Dynamics, Self Governance & All other Aspects of Our Environment


In Los Angeles We have Claimed What was formerly known as the leimert park village


We are in Communication w/ Black People in other Cities Who are also Developing Africa Towns


The Name of the Africa Town Coalition is to make All Aware of Our Mission which is to Take Control of Our Destiny


We Will Not have occupying police forces or any other predators carrying out Genocide vs Us & Terrorizing Us


We Will Not have outside entities Displace Us from Our Communities


We Will have Decent Homes, Schools, Medical Facilities & Businesses Owned & Operated by Black People


We Will Not allow Our People to be Kidnapped & thrown on prison plantations or forced into Sex Trafficking or Organ Harvesting


We Will Not allow people from other Communities to continue to Economically Exploit Us


We Will End the Social Programming which has Cultivated Self Destructive Behaviours amongst Our People


Our Coalition Officially came together in October 2016

We Adopted the Name of the Africa Town Coalition & Claimed the Area now known as Africa Town in 2017




  1. Hope you continue pushing for the renaming to Africa Town.. In San Jose a particular ethnic group camped out in front of city hall for a long time after being denied the renaming of a particular area that was at the time predominately Hispanic and African-American. Their persistence resulted in the renaming to Little Saigon. And when I mean camped out I mean camped out, tents and everything picket signs and everything and picking with in Council meetings. Loud but peacefully at all times. It’s important shops there now start cleaning up the fronts and making the place more appealing for drive by customers. This will go a long way when further assessments are made, I would think. Best wishes and good luck

  2. So how many “African Americans” were actually born in Africa and became Americans? If you were born in America, you are AMERICAN…bunch of haters, hating people based on skin color.

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