BLAction365 Urgent Fundraiser

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Greetings All


We are Facing Extreme Financial Difficulty as We were recently Displaced


We have been unsuccesful in findin a Spot to Rent
We are in need of a 2 Bedroom hopefully around $1200 w/in LA County
But at this Point any Immediate & Temporary Housing Will Help


We are not in a Position to Pay Multiple Application Fees w/out a Guarantee We Will get the Spot


Most of the so-called Housing Assistance Programs have Waiting Lists & their Requirements include Children bein Vaccinated, which We Cannot do
We Encourage others to thoroughly Investigate the Dangers Associated w/ Vaccinations


Our Funds are bein Exhausted w/ the High Rates of stayin in Motels
We are Workin & Generating Funds Daily, however the $85/Nite for a Room is Draining Us


We are Willing to Work in Exchange for whatever can be Reasonably Traded

We do not need Clothing Donations as Our Vehicle is already Full


Any & All Who can, Please Contribute Here:


All Who Cannot make Financial Contributions can Help Us Generate Residuals by Listenting to Our Music Here:
Masterz of da GhettoVerse



We Receive Better Residuals when Masterz of da GhettoVerse is Streamed on:
Amazon Cloud Drive


Masterz of da GhettoVerse can be Downloaded Here:


Some of Our other Products can be Seen on Instagram Here:


Much Appreciation to You All

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